Endless Bubbles

no more flat, lifeless, bubble-less water in the fridge soon after opening a bottle

About Sifon

An innovative range of Sparkling Mineral Water and Soda Water in a PET bottle with a unique siphon cap, the brand is Sifon®.

Sifon® products retain their effervescence to the end of the bottle.

Sifon® provides refreshing micro-fine bubbles every time, through the patented technology in the head of the sifon.

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How To Use
  • Step 1

    Remove the safety cap from the spout.

  • Step 2

    Unclip the tamper evident retainer.

  • Step 3

    Open the lever outwards.

  • Step 4

    Gently depress the lever to receive Sifon® Sparkling Mineral Water and Soda Water with brilliant bubbles every time.

Watch Demo Video

continuous refreshing bubbles, long after the bottle is opened without going flat

Where to Buy

Sifon® Sparkling Mineral Water and Sifon® Soda Water is available in Australia and for export.

For information on our stockist and where to buy or to enquire about stocking Sifon® products please click on contact us.

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